Recomatic Related Products Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prevent specific items from showing in the suggestions?

If there is any item you’d rather not see suggested, simply add the Shopify tag recomatic-no to it.

We already cover common cases where you’d want to do that, like hiding items with a null price or anything out of stock (unless you allow preorders), and so on.

Recomatic is really good at figuring out what would have the most effect on your sales and be the most helpful to ease your customers navigation, but if you’d like to add certain items manually, here’s how:

Adding the same Shopify tag to a bunch of products will make them more likely to be suggested on each other’s page. The tag name can be anything you want but prefixing it with recomatic- it will force the items to show first.

If your listing requires special adjustments, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

How can I track conversions?

Conversion tracking is automatically activated and visible from your dashboard once enough data is gathered. Usually it takes from a few days up to a week.

How do I remove the “powered by Recomatic” branding?

Our branding is entirely optional, if you want it removed, simply ask us or add the following line in the Custom CSS box in the settings:

.brand { display: none; }

Once you’ve done that, consider writing a review for our app!

How do I fully uninstall Recomatic?

Most of our code is automatically removed at uninstall. The only part that can’t be removed automatically because it’s dependent on your theme is our implementation code:

Everything between <!-- start Recomatic code --> and <!-- end Recomatic code --> that’s usually found in sections/product-template.liquid and sections/cart-template.liquid (or in templates/product.liquid and templates/cart.liquid if your theme does not use sections).

If you’re not sure where it is simply ask us to do it for you, we’re always glad to help!